A Horta: Our expectations with the Social Media Intern Assisstant 



A Horta Frutas & Legumes is a Mozambican brand for local fresh produce targeting healthy conscious consumers. We have digital presence through our website www.ahortamz.com (August 2020) our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, two WhatsApp groups and an app (February 2021). Since 2020 we deliver to our clients twice a week and a local delivery pick-up point in Maputo Province, Matola opened since July 2021.



A Horta aims to become the number 1 digital sellers of fresh produce and local gourmet products in Mozambique.



  • We seek to contract an assistant that not only will conduct a digital market consumer survey for A Horta but will position A Horta to reach its mission
  • To better understand the buying trends of local consumers in digital platforms for fresh produce and health products, thus developing and launching clear digital campaigns to increase online conversion rates to 5.1% by May 2022.



  • Understand preference of communication and purchase channels (website vs apps vs social media)
  • Understand engagement preferences for communication display (e-mail vs WhatsApp vs FB/Insta)
  • The role of digital communication/awareness vs communication and purchase
  • Preferences and purchasing patterns: in-shop vs online shop visits
  • Understand time of the day, day of the week with higher traffic
  • Understand the format of information to be shared: videos vs text vs pictures with text
  • Identify the type of products and main messages of greater interest to different market segment
  • Segment the main market for our service by gender, income, consumer behaviour, geographic location, social media platform
  • Understand main local competitors on digital marketing for similar services, main services and market share of players



  • Identify specific needs and opportunities to be targeted by A Horta during digital marketing
  • Clear understanding of the three main market segment A Horta should focus on
  • Specific channels of communication and type of messages for each segment
  • Design digital marketing strategy for each segment and launch campaigns on FBB
  • Design pre-positions campaigns with clear audience target in Facebook Business
  • Manage the campaigns for 3 months while training two internal members of staff
  • Campaigns should highlight value proposition of A Horta and increase market share by at least 25%



  • Campaigns to reach between 800,000 and 1.2M people monthly
  • Increase website visits to at least 5000 visitors a month
  • Increase purchases to a 3.6% conversion rate by March 2022 and 5.1% by July 2022
  • Reach 2000 app downloads with 50% active buyers by April of 2022
  • Have app sales represent 50% of our digital sales by. April 2022.



We seek local and international candidates with proven experience. The candidates should have

  • Degree in Marketing or Communication or relevant field;
  • Social Medial Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions;
  • Basic knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp Business, YouTube and other social media best practices;
  • Understanding of SEO and web traffic metric;
  • Experience with doing audience and buyer persona research;
  • Familiar with design and publishing;
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills;
  • Good time-management skills;
  • Proficiency in writing articles in both English and Portuguese;
  • Basic knowledge of writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills;
  • Basic knowledge of social media strategy;
  • Fluence in Portuguese and English.



    • Applications should be submitted by the 08th of October to admin@mutiana.com in English
    • Clarification questions can be sent up to the 8st of October to the same address
    • Three (3) references of previous clients with results achieved
    • Portfolio of services and results achieved in the last 3 years.
    • Selection criteria: value proposition 80%; cost 20%
    • Mutiana reserves the right to interrupt the process
    • Bidders will submit the proposal at their own cost of preparation
    • Bidders cost and technical proposal should be valid for 90 days of submission date
    • Cost proposals should be in MZN (with the equivalent in USD reflected)
    • Only shortlisted bidders will be selected for additional information and presentation


    Download Terms of Reference: https://bit.ly/SMDassistant


    NOTE: This is an extension of the previous launched Terms of Reference. Companies that applied are encouraged to resubmit their proposals. For the first viewers, please follow the required guidelines. Good Luck!